• What is SmrtWallet?


SmrtWallet is an RFID wallet which has been made using the latest designs and technology. They are a Los Angeles based company, who formulated the idea of making the wallet, sleeker, simpler and more refined. Keeping this very ideology in mind they designed an RFID wallet which was a minimalist wallet but with a ton of envious features.


  • What is the SmrtWallet made of?


The SmrtWallet is a minimalist wallet which is made of military-grade carbon fibre. Using this fibre ensures that not only does the wallet withstand rough wear and tear, but is also able to store cards and money safe. Thus, even if you shake your wallet or you accidentally drop it, the wallet won't get harmed.


  • What mechanism is followed by this smart wallet?


This walletfrom the house of SmrtWallet consists of a functional lever which helps to quickly expose all your cards during payment with a simple touch of your thumb. Other than that, the wallet is also equipped with a money clip which is made using traditional stainless steel material which is considered an ideal place to store your business cards as well as your cash.


  • Why is a SmrtWallet considered a better option in comparison to a regular wallet?


A SmrtWallet is considered a better alternative to a regular wallet because it is much more compact and slimmer. Its unique carbon fibre design ensures that the focus lies on its functionality only – that of a wallet which is minimalist without any limitation. This also helps you carry around more, without feeling something bulky in your pocket.


  • What is RFID blocking wallet?


RFID blocking wallet has an aluminium alloy mono body which works to block RFID signals to protect your credit card and its information as well as all your personal information from any form of digital theft. It is only when the lever is pulled, is your card exposed and ready to use, making this wallet an engineering masterpiece.


So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and get yourself a SmrtWallet now!